Ed Acklin: Ready to Serve Plano




“For tough challenges we need a tough, no-nonsense problem solver.”



A native of Dallas, Ed Acklin has lived in Plano since 1998.

Long-time members of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Ed and wife Myrna have two sons, a daughter-in-law and two young granddaughters. Energetic Yorkies Baxter and Diva add spirit to the Acklin family.


After graduating from Dallas' Hillcrest High School, Ed earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University.




A strong proponent of small business, Ed owned and operated his own electrical construction company for some 25 years.

Ed also has decades of experience in real estate. Taking on management of his parents' real estate holding company upon his father's death, Ed later became managing partner of the family company. He eventually bought out his sister’s interest.

Now, Ed is now ready to go to work in public service to the Plano community.

Personal Interests

Topping the broad list of Ed's interests is his faith in Jesus Christ and the many Bible Studies that he has been a part of to grow his faith.

For 10 years (starting with Hurricane Katrina), Ed has volunteered to help disaster victims through Texas Baptist Men. His special expertise has been Mass Feeding and Inventory Control.

A student of World War II history, Ed has always been a staunch supporter of our nation’s armed services.

For many years, Ed was an avid snow skier and snowmobiler, as well as a hunter.  He studied Tae Kwon Do for almost 20 years.

Ed’s current passions include riding his CanAm Spyder motorcycle (that’s 2 wheels in the front), flying radio-controlled model airplanes and working in his garden-scale electric train layout. He also loves to shoot firearms at the gun range.

Notable Achievements
  • Appointed to Plano's Building Standards Commission
  • Appointed to be a Collin County Poll Judge for the 2016 General Election
  • Holds an Electrical Masters License from the State of Texas
  • Served as past President of the North Texas Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association
  • Is a Certified Instructor for “ServSafe” Food Handling, a division of the National Restaurant Association
  • Served as Unit Director (Blue Hat-retired) with Texas Baptist Men
  • Long time Member of the NRA
  • Earned a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do karate