Goals for Plano


Hate Crimes in Plano

Oversee the City Budget

Transparent Voting Records

Be Responsive to Voters

Voting by Districts

Extend the Time Limits for Collecting Petition Signatures

Slow the Rapid Expansion of Apartment Construction

Hate Crimes in Plano- Four members of our Plano Community approached me. They asked me if I would be willing to make a statement about my position on Hate Crimes. I am so thankful that they did because it had not occurred to me to do that. My answer was immediately YES and the following is my statement:

Hate Crimes have no place in a City like Plano. They have no place in civilized society.  I want to state clearly: I will not condone that kind of behavior and as a Plano City Councilman, I will use the power of my office to combat Hate Crimes, in all of it’s ugly forms. Hate Crimes are against the basic principles of my Christian faith and this is absolutely one of my basic principles.

My Bible says, "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not murder; and whoever murders will be liable to judgment.' But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council:” Matthew 5:21-22

Oversee the City Budget- Currently the City Council has limited opportunity to review the City Budget before it is passed and the Tax Rate is set. The Council has a responsibility to control the purse strings of the City Government. The City Council should be given ample time and the opportunity to review the City Budget to the extent that the Council deems appropriate. The City Staff should adjust the time necessary to prepare the budget to allow the Council sufficient time for a proper review.

Transparent Voting Records- Currently it is very difficult to determine how an individual Council Members votes. That also applies to the Commission members. The Minutes of Meetings do not give a record of how an individual  member votes on any particular issue. This makes it almost impossible to find how well a council member or commissioner votes and represents their constituants. I want that changed and I promise to publish my own record should I fail to get this measure passed.

Be Responsive to Voters- The current City Council rejected two Petitions of the Plano Voters. 12,000 voices were ignored. These petitions were discarded on technicalities. That just won’t happen on my watch. I want to hear from the citizens of Plano and not just on Election Day. I will join with other Council Members to conduct Town Hall Meetings and always be open to personal communications from citizens.

Voting by District- Currently all Council Places run at-large. The only distinction is that candidates for Districts 1-4 must reside in district they are running for. I believe that the voters that also live in that district should elect the candidate for that District. That would insure that the voters have a representative that was actually elected by them and will be responsive to them. Districts 5-8 (District 6 is the Mayor) are elected at-large.

Extend the Time Limit for Collecting Petition Signatures- The current City Charter allows only 30 days to collect signatures on Petitions. State Law allows the limit to be as much as 180 days unless it is shortened by the individual City’s Council. That Council has the power to change that time limit without an initiative from the citizens.

Slow the rapid expansion of apartment construction- The City has embarked on an aggressive expansion of the inventory of apartments without adequate consideration as to the need or the long term effects on the City's infrastructure.  This expansion should be slowed so that proper study and planning can be given to the need for these apartment units.